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Scanpst.exe keeps finding issues !

Scanpst is provided by Microsoft for repair the corrupted PST file but this tool has not capability to fix critical PST error. Sometime it raises the error: "Internal error were-found in this file. They must be repaired for this file to work correctly." Outlook suggests using scanpst.exe to repair the PST file but scanpst.exe keeps finding issues always and it cannot fix the PST issues. After completing the scan with scanpst.exe, the above error again occurs. In one sentence; Scanpst.exe is unable to fix PST issues and need to another third party powerful tool that can efficiently fix the PST problem.

When PST gets corrupted it disallows outlook to access their content. In this situation all the stored data in PST file gets locked and becomes inaccessible for the user. If this problem does not get solved immediately then it may crash the PST file permanently and all the stored data can gets lost forever. In this situation, scanpst.exe keeps finding issues and cannot analyze the exact PST problem. It asks you to choose a file and when you choose the file, it tells that there is no such file. It always keeps finding issues and cannot fix the PST problem. After completing the scanning when you will again open outlook, you will get same error message.

How to solve Scanpst.exe keeps finding issues?

To resolve this issue, you need a very powerful tool that can efficiently repair the corrupted PST file. Fortunately tool is available and the name of the tool is PST Repair Tool. This tool has capability to fix PST issues efficiently and quickly. The best thing is in this tool that it does not require multiple clicks by the user. It automatically scans entire PC and shows you to preview of corrupted PST file. Just select your desired PST file or select all PST file to repair. After that it fixes the PST issues and solves the scanpst.exe keeps finding issues. This tool is best alternative of Scanpst.exe.

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Yes, it runs faster than the scanpst.exe and completely recovered all my lost emails & Tasks saved in my Ouloook. One Word - Use Outlook PST Repair instead of Scanpst.exe

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