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Microsoft Outlook application is regarded as a popular database management utility that maintains and handles the entire information and data concerned with the inbox files such as contact, journals, notes mails, tasks, etc. These whole contents are placed inside the single indexed pst file. As pst files are frequently shared and distributed on the network the chances of corruptions in the pst files maximizes.

Similarly with the gradual pile of the information in the pst file the size also exceeds some times. The oversized pst files often raises Problem while accessing the inbox files. As a result of such issue the outlook inbox files turns inaccessible leading into huge significant data loss. Microsoft incorporation has provides an inbuilt repair tool recognized as Scanpst.exe. This utility tool is located in the outlook folder by default. Scanpst.exe is also known as inbox repair tool that is meant to deal with the pst files that has got corrupted or damaged.

This Scanpst tool constitutes a hidden executable file called Scanpst.exe and once running the tool it goes through the system files scan the specific outlook pst file that needs recovery and then repair it along with restoring it back to the desired place. Despite of the excellent programming algorithm sometimes Scanpst.exe fails to fix the pst file resulting strange fatal error note on the screen as below:-

“Scanpst.exe fails with fatal error: 80040818”

Such error notation freezes the repair procedure in the middle of the recovery process with no further response. The reasons why such fatal incident happens are following:-

  • As the entire information are compiled into a single outlook pst file thus with the continual storage the pst file data goes beyond the 2GB limit. Such oversized pst files are not able to be repaired by the inbox repair tool resulting to the recovery procedure failure. .
  • Scanpst.exe is designed in order to cure the pst files and recover the whole essential data back after the completion of the recovery process. Unfortunately the tool holds limited strength to fix the severely corrupted pst files. Outlook pst files those are having severe corruption are not able to be repaired by this tool. Thus inbox repair tool fails to fix them..


  • In case if pst file size exceeds 2GB quantity then with the help of a crop tool provided with the outlook application can be used to delete few of the file content in order to compact the size and retrying the repair process with Scanpst.exe tool. But deleting the file content is not considered as a right decision since you will be loosing your essential files information. Thus it is recommended to take the help another third party solution to cure the pst file.
  • Since inbox repair tool fails to fix the harshly corrupted pst file so in such circumstances also you are required to take the help of a third party solution software.

Outlook pst repair is an outstanding third party software application that holds efficient scanning algorithm that repairs as well as recovers the entire pst file content with its unique, interactive and powerful interface.

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