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Outlook won't open because can't verify license!

MS Outlook is developed by Microsoft and it is renowned application which is used for information management system. However it is very important application but sometimes it creates a problem for user. Sometimes it becomes unable to start and raises error message “Outlook won’t open because can’t verify license. The application will now shutdown”. In this situation the user is unable to open his/her mail account and also unable to see any stored information like contacts info, journal, appointments, calendar etc. The application requires product key and without re-entering product key the application won’t open.

What is the reason for this error?

This type of issue normally occurs when the user try another MS Outlook version with current version. For example, if MS Outlook 2010 is running and user try to install Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2003 then the application reconfigure the configuration settings and alter the stored value. After that the currently installed version configures itself as startup. In this situation when user try to open Outlook 2010 which is installed earlier, starting to configuration process and after that verify the license key. Because license key configuration settings has changed, so it is unable to verify the license key and raise error message "Outlook won't open because can't verify license".

How to solve this issue?

There are various ways to solve this issue. In order to solve this issue first insert the license key. The license key may found at the following location:

  • It may be printed behind on MS Office disk.
  • Check your e-mail. You may find your license key on your e-mail.
After getting the license key you insert the key at the following location:
  • Go to FILE menu.
  • Click HELP and on the right hand side click Change Product Key.
  • Restart Computer.
If your problem doesn’t get solved then there may be malfunctioning on PST file. This problem can be solved using PST Repair Tool. You may also re-install Outlook 2010 but in this situation you will not be able to use your stored information while you import your PST file again. After that you need to also optimize PST file.

If there is any problem in PST file then Outlook may also throws various startup error. To fix and optimize PST issues you need PST Repair Tool. This tool is very effective and immediately works on PST file. This tool automatically import the PST file and optimize them. After that you won’t get ever “Outlook won’t open because can’t verify license” error messages.

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