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Download & Reinstall SCANPST.EXE in 7 Steps

PST is the important file for outlook that stores e-mail, messages, contact and other much information which is imported from mail-server or POP3 server. Sometimes PST encountered miner or critical trouble because of the various reasons and suggests you to run Scanpst.exe. But if you go for Scanpst.exe; either it doesn’t appear in destination folder or it may pop up an error message that says Scanpst.exe corrupted or missing dll file. In this situation you have two options. Either you may Reinstall Scanpst.exe or install another powerful third party tool.

How to Reinstall Scanpst.exe

If ScanPST.exe had damaged and you try to run this free utility then you may get an error message which says that ScanPST.exe file is missing, damaged or the wrong version. In this situation to run this utility you need to download & Reinstall ScanPST.exe in your computer. To Download & Reinstall ScanPST.exe file you need to first download the Microsoft Office Outlook DLL file and Register it on your computer.

Steps for Registering MS Outlook DLL files in your computer:


  1. Download the MS Outlook Dll files from the Microsoft sites.
  2. Keep a backup of old dll files.
  3. Open Run Dialog box by pressing Window Key + R simultaneously.
  4. Type the following command according to your operating system.

    • For Windows 95, 98 or Me:

    • regsvr32\windows\system\SCANPST.EXE
    • For NT or 2000:

    • regsvr32\WINNT\system32\SCANPST.EXE
    • For Windows XP or Vista or Windows7:

    • regsvr32\windows\system32\SCANPST.EXE
  5. After that you need to replace the old SCANPST.EXE file.

    1. Close all open programs
    2. Click start, point to Find and then click Files of Folders.
    3. In the Named box, type SCANPST.EXE
    4. In the Look in box, click My Computer and then click Find Now.
    5. After completing the searching process you will see the one or more than one SCANPST.EXE file in the search results.
    6. Rename each file as SCANPST.EXE.old

  6. Now Download the new SCANPST.EXE file from the Microsoft Sites and unzip this file to your computer.
  7. Run the SCANPST.EXE file by double clicking on that.

After that you may use SCANPST.EXE file. If you get fail to download & Reinstall SCANPST.EXE file or Unable to run SCANPST.EXE file then you may download and Install other powerful tool that is easy to download and install. In this situation our search team finded an appropriate third party tool: Outlook PST Repair. It is easy to install and run. Just in few clicks and few minutes it recovers entire information stored on your corrupted pst file. It also fix various trouble of outlook. So if you are looking for a tool instead of SCANPST.EXE or Inbox Repair Tool then you may download Outlook PST Repair.


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