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Scanpst.exe Download 2007 :-

Looking to download Scanpst.exe tool for Outlook 2007 ?

Can I get any suggestion to download Scanpst.exe for Outlook 2007 ?

I couldn?t locate Scanpst.exe in MS Office 2007, is it possible to download Scanpst.exe ?

This world is full of uncertainties and what will happen when, it is not known to anyone. The same is the case with the PST file of Outlook 2007, whose corruption date or timing is not fixed. But its corruption or damage leads to severe data loss situation which can cost user a lot. Actually, PST which stands for Personal Storage Table is an important file of Outlook 2007. It is the store house of MS Outlook application where all Outlooks saved data are stored. But at times, due to many expected or unexpected reasons the PST file itself gets corrupt which makes the data stored in it inaccessible and ultimately leads to data loss. So, in order to resolve this issue Scanpst.exe tool is used which you can find at - drive: \Program\Files\Microsoft Office\Office12 location. But if you didn?t find this tool then simply download Scanpst.exe 2007 from Microsoft?s website.

Scanpst.exe which is also known as Inbox Repair Tool is small but efficient PST repair inbuilt tool which come with MS Office package and gets installed in the system automatically when MS Office is installed. This small utility is located at locations ?

  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11 (MS Outlook 2002, 2003).

  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12 (MS Outlook 2007).

And is efficient enough to repair the issues related to the PST file. This tool takes the path of the corrupt or damaged PST file and then scans it thoroughly for the bugs and repairs them effectively. In case if you didn?t find Scanpst.exe tool at the above mentioned locations then it is possible that either the tool is missing or has deleted manually. In that case you need to download Scanpst.exe 2007 for Outlook 2007 and then use it to resolve PST related issue.

But this Scanpst.exe Outlook 2007 tool fails to resolve most of the PST issues, as it is designed to repair the minor problems of Outlook only. At that note you need to use any third party PST Repair software if Scanpst.exe or Inbox Repair Tool fails to rectify the PST issues.

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